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STUDIO  SIX  NINE  HAIR DESIGN  sheer services


Owner/Professional Sheer Sharpener - Rickey Brame

Rickey Brame has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and wears many hats. An Electrician by trade, Rick  is also a second generation business owner which includes the ownership of Studio Six Nine Hair Design salon and Barber shop. He also operates a professional shear sharpening, sales and repair service for Stylist and Barbers.
Rick is also an educator of professional shears, holding classes at all major beauty schools in Oregon. Rick prides himself on servicing his community with quality services and products with a satisfaction guarantee. 

To schedule a sharpening service call Rick direct at 503-970-2664

  • Sharpening

  • Sales/ trade in

  • Repairs

  • Shear part replacements

All brands of top quality shears are 50% off. For more details
contact Rickey today!!


  • Ultimate Hone Service....$25.00 (Recommended for quality shears $200.00 or more) complete overhaul.)

  • *Super Hone Service.....$20.00 (Recommended for damaged shears off balance, nicks and rust.)

  • *DeluxeHone Service...$15.00


  • Damage charge.....$15.00

  • Fix & Replacement Bumper, insert, & Washers...$5.00

  • Finger Rest..........$5.00

  • Adjuster............$15.00

  • Specialty Work/Taper Tips....$10.00

****Our Guarantee is customer satisfaction Your business is greatly appreciated and it is my goal to exceed our customers expectations. -Rick Brame

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